Smells Like Spring Spirit Playlist

Smells Like Spring Spirit Playlist

A belated spring playlist is better late than never. 

Trust me, I have serious self-esteem issues when making the playlist artwork. Quarter way, half way, three quarter way in the process of making the playlist artwork, I felt like the biggest loser in the planet for thinking I could make something like this in a short period of time. Quitting and going back to my comfort zone kept running in my mind.

Nevertheless, the tunes in the playlist definitely kept me motivated and on track. Enjoy the groovin beats that kept me motivated in times of stress and self-doubt.

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Tracks list includes:
Absolutely by Ra Ra Riot
One Out of Two (ft. Irfane) by Breakbot
Colours by Halsey
Back Seat Lover by Mayer Hawthorne
Wild Horses by Birdy
Australia by The Shins

and more



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Cirebon Weekend

Cirebon Weekend

Also known as the City of Shrimps. To me, it was more like the city of food, food, batik, and food.

I never thought I would set foot in this city. The parents and their friends were planning a road trip to Cirebon because it was one of their hometown. They said it was a “culinary trip.” That caught my attention. We took the bus from Jakarta, and arrived the city in about 5 hours. I heard the traffic the day before (up to 12 hours on the road) was crazy since it was the start of a long weekend and boy, I’m just glad I got there and back safely. The bus was filled with adults singing their hearts out, telling really bad dad jokes, and long distance conversation (shouting. Yep. Lots of it). It wasn’t the most pleasant journey.

Nevertheless, I had a lot of fun. We started off the trip to go to this Mie Koclok place but by the time we got there, it was all sold out! #bummer. So we ended up having our little cozy dinner at the hotel cafe.


Our bus-faces reaching Hotel Batiqa.


Dad seems to be fine.


A few details of the Hotel Batiqa branding. The place is crawling with Batik prints.


Our snug hotel room


Klapertart! These are amazeballs! Basically the texture is like creme brule, but it has all the exotic ingredients: coconut, cinnamon, rum, raisins, peanuts! #disisnoms

The next day, with eyes half asleep (I love my sleep) we started our mini adventure.


I like how they have a little sign for “becak” parking


Our first stop is the markets.


Here’s a stash of all the spices—called Terasi! OMG.


The market view


As stated in the picture: Pasar Kanoman


Got this locally grown tea which smells absolutely lovely. With jasmines and everything.


Destination: Lunch!


Nasi Jamblang Ibu Nur! The dishes comes with a Jati leaf. Twas a good lunch.


Our next stop: Batik Trusmi. Trust me, they’re THAT good.



I love their vibrant colours and intricate patterns.



A batik lady making batik. Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth.


Isn’t it just gorgeous??


Much appreciation to these ladies


Nice hot Serabi cakes in the making!


#disisnoms! Salty Serabi with Terasi and sweet Serabi with brown sugar.


The Mie Koclok you have been waiting for!


Mie Koclok Pak Rasita: Noodles with the most interesting combination of spices and soupy soup.



Homemade milk from Lawanggada store. This store was established over a 100 years ago. I am still not sure how they make their homemade milk. Do they own a cow or smt?


Strawberry milk storage. I like how they recycle the soda bottles for their milk.


Frying sesame balls. Sesame balls are my favourite treat! I used to eat it as a kid, heck! I still eat it now! #disisnoms.


A few street photography from the Cirebon street scene.



I super duper uber tired after the trip. But it surely was a nice getaway over the long Easter weekend. Thank you, Cirebon!


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Thailand Trip

Thailand Trip

It was 24/7 of sipping off coconuts and nom-ing on mango sticky rice. 

It sure was a while ago since I’ve posted in the blog. But trust me I am thinking of a few changes ahead especially in the new years. To keep you updated, I got a job in a digital agency, and it has been quite fun. But the transition from jobless life to agency life was quite drastic. That said, is one of the reasons I can’t keep y’all as updated aside from the fact that I haven’t been doing “fun.”

Nevertheless, I was given a time off for Christmas and the New Years and our family decided to go on a last minute trip to Thailand! I basically didn’t know we were going to Thailand until 2 days before the take off. Cray!

We headed to Bangkok and then to Pattaya for a day, then back to Bangkok. I super enjoyed the coconut water all day er’day and the amazeball food. To summarize it, I decided to compile a little vlog. It was my first time vlogging, and boy, it was not as easy as it looks. The editing part that comes afterwards was pretty hectic. Getting the footage is also another thing.

Without further ado, I present to you HELLO THAILAND 2015…

I can’t let you go without any photos though…


First selfie shot as we checked in the hotel in Bangkok


Touring the city




Making a stop at the biggest jewelry store in Bangkok


The Fruit Market



The situation in the fruit market’s food court


Mango delish!!

thailand-trip-12 thailand-trip-14

Below are some of my awesome finds in Jatujak Market







In front of Platinum Mall is Siam’s Living Statue!







Natural bee hives!


This is the walking street famous amongst the tourists in Pattaya






Yup! A perfect picture to end the post :p

Till next time!

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A Royal Wedding with #LeoYovita

A Royal Wedding with #LeoYovita

May you live happily ever after…

The End. Some say, the journey has just begun! One of my cousins is finally getting married! Held at the center of Jakarta—Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, the couple said their vows and celebrated with friends and family bearing this wonderful news that bonds them closer than before. I am surely happy to be present to witness this process. Unlike many other women in the big family, I was up the latest. By late I meant 8:30. For some of you, that ain’t late, but trust me I was late. Read More

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The Mellow Un-Fall Playlist

The Mellow Un-Fall Playlist

Moving is tough, but that doesn’t keep me away from the mellow vibes of Fall. 

A new season deserves a new playlist. Plus, I am in a completely new environment, I definitely need tunes to jazz up my life a bit. Keep me on the beat. So here it is, a collection of mellow and youthful tracks to wind down from the upbeat lifestyle at work. Excuse me for my Fall withdrawals, but I miss wearing layers, having my Chai tea, and the orange dried leaves on the ground. Enjoy my fall playlist in two different sites with very similar songs.

Here are two versions made in Soundcloud and Deezer (the Spotify Replacement).

Tracks list includes:
Little Numbers by BOY
Let it All Go by Rhodes and Birdy
Small Bump by Ed Sheeran
Blood Bank by Bon Iver
Love Me by the 1975
Testify by Dirty Soul Music

and more…



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